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Professional Level Résumé Writing Evaluation

  1. I was contacted by a résumé coach within 48 hours of my referral*
  2. The coach was well prepared & knowledgeable of résumé styles & content*
  3. My new résumé was emailed to me within 5 business days of my consultation*
  4. The referral and required paperwork process was easy for me to complete*
  5. The résumé coaching session was informative and covered information such as a summary of my qualifications & core competencies, advice on what not to include on my résumé and resources/suggestions to maximize key word searches*

    (5 = Strongly Agree and 1 = Strongly Disagree)

  6. I feel my new résumé will help to improve my job candidacy and interview prospects*

    (5 = Strongly Agree and 1 = Strongly Disagree)

  7. If you suggested an improvement and would like to discuss.

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