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  2. Instruction for Resume Drop Box use

    This form is intended to be used to reach our Employer Services Coordinator for support in a potential connection with the employers that post open positions with the Loudoun Workforce Resource Center only. Any other position that is not included in our weekly job postings will not be forwarded.

  3. (Please use the company name from the WRC job posting list you applied to)

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  5. Resumes are kept on file for 1 year from the submission date

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  7. Information and Declaration Statements

    The Loudoun Workforce Resource Center staff will review your information and resume for the purpose of potential job connections. Further, staff may contact you regarding potential job connections and employment status follow up. This service does not guarantee an interview nor a job offer. If at any time you wish to be removed from job considerations, please notify the Loudoun Workforce Resource Center at 703-777-0150 and select option 4.

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