Riverside Pkwy: Loudoun County Pkwy to Lexington


  • This project funds the design and construction of a new four-lane divided road segment of Riverside Parkway between Loudoun County Parkway and Lexington Drive, a new Loudoun Water main along Smith Circle, and the replacement of the existing temporary traffic signal at Loudoun County Parkway and George Washington Boulevard with a permanent signal.
  • In June 2013, planning began on the completion of this missing segment of Riverside Parkway. 
  • Constructing this missing segment will provide direct access to Lexington Drive from Riverside Parkway and allow for the removal of the traffic signal at the Lexington Drive intersection and the permanent removal of the existing Lexington Drive intersection with Route 7. 
  • In conjunction with the planned Battlefield Parkway Interchange project, traffic flow will improve by enabling Route 7 to operate as a freeway west of Route 28.
  • The final construction of Riverside Parkway, from Lexington Drive to Loudoun County Parkway, is scheduled to begin in fall 2019.

Current Status:  September  2019

  • Access to Lexington Drive from Route 7 (Harry Byrd Highway) will end with the decommissioning of the traffic signal at the intersection following the morning rush hour on October 7, 2019. Motorists traveling along Route 7 mid-day on October 7 should expect minor delays while the signal is being decommissioned and access to Lexington Drive is being eliminated. The schedule is subject to change based on weather.
  • The county is working closely with the Virginia Department of Transportation to expedite the decommissioning of the traffic signal. Beginning September 23, 2019, electronic message boards and detour signage will be placed along Route 7, as well as Lexington Drive, informing motorists of the coming changes. Motorists may observe additional work in the area, such as the staging of barrels and plastic barricades, in preparation for the closing of the intersection.
  • The intersection changes will result in detours for Lexington Drive traffic accessing Route 7 east and west bound. Motorists will be rerouted to the Ashburn Village Boulevard interchange with Route 7. Following the closure of the intersection, access to the Blue Mount Nursery will be via Riverside Parkway/Lexington Drive from Ashburn Village Boulevard.
  • The decommissioning of the traffic signal will allow for the unrestricted flow of traffic along Route 7, from Leesburg to Route 28 and beyond. The decommissioning of the traffic signal at Route 7 and Lexington Drive is part of the final construction of Riverside Parkway, from Lexington Drive to Loudoun County Parkway, which is scheduled to begin in fall 2019.
  • On September 19, 2019, the Board of Supervisors awarded a contract to Francis O. Day Company, Inc. for $10,450,483.78 to construct this segment of Riverside Parkway.

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