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Metro SafeTrack Project
SafeTrack Information Resources

Metrorail's SafeTrack project could potentially affect all Loudoun County commuters, including those who do not ride Metrorail or the buses operated by Loudoun County Transit. 

SafeTrack's Affect on Loudoun County

  • Details from Metro about SafeTrack are online here

If you ride any of Loudoun County’s buses, stay informed by signing up for Bus Biz email and text alerts.

Learn more about Loudoun County’s Transit Services:

Commuting Options
The full impact of SafeTrack on the region’s transportation system may be extensive. When many commuters make changes to their routines, the potential exists for higher volumes on area roads and buses and delays in Metrorail’s services. 

Now is a good time to consider the full range of your commuting options. Loudoun County offers several services that connect commuters to options, such as carpools and vanpools.

Stay Informed

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