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Agricultural and Forestal Districts
This webpage provides a basic explanation of, and general information in regard to, the Loudoun County Agricultural and Forestal District Program. The information provided by this webpage is not intended to serve as, nor provide, legal advice, in regard to the Loudoun County Agricultural and Forestal District Program.

The purposes of the Loudoun County Agricultural and Forestal District Program are described by both Chapter 1226, Agricultural and Forestal Districts, of the Codified Ordinances of Loudoun County, and Virginia Code Section 15.2-4300 et seq., as a means to conserve, protect, and encourage the development and improvement of agricultural and forestal lands for the production of food and other agricultural and forestal products, to conserve and protect agricultural and forestal lands as valued natural and ecological resources which provide essential open spaces for clean air sheds and for aesthetic purposes, and to provide a means by which agricultural and forestal land may be protected and enhanced as a viable segment of the economy and as an economic and environmental resource of major importance.

To fulfill these purposes, Loudoun County works with landowners to preserve the rural and agricultural character of the county.  Since the establishment of the Loudoun County Agricultural and Forestal District Program in 1979, over 43,000 acres have been enrolled within 23 Agricultural and Forestal Districts (AFDs) located throughout the county. 

The individual ordinances for the county's AFDs are available online at the following link:

Recently adopted amendments to the individual ordinances for the County's AFDs are available online at the following link:

Online Resources

  • Click here for frequently asked questions about the AFD Program.
  • Click here to download a brochure regarding the AFD Program.

For More Information

For more information about the Loudoun County Agricultural and Forestal District Program, please contact the Department of Planning and Zoning, at 703-777-0246 or by email.

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