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Service Changes for Loudoun County Transit

Bus Service Changes and Special Schedules for January and February 2017 

 Please review each service below:

Commuter Bus Service into Rosslyn, the Pentagon, Crystal City, the Navy Yard and Washington DC     

Monday, February 6, 2017 - New Schedules for Dulles South begin
Please click on the link below to view the schedule:
Dulles South Schedule beginning February 6, 2017 

Metro-Connect Service

Local Bus Service

No changes scheduled at this time.   

Proposed Dulles South Changes
Loudoun County Transit is proposing changes to the Dulles South Commuter Bus Service which are designed to alleviate overcrowding.  The schedule changes will coincide with the acquisition of four, 40-passenger Gillig Transit buses that will be joining the Commuter Bus Service fleet in December 2016. The new buses will replace four, 55-passenger commuter coaches currently used on Metro Connection routes. Loudoun County Transit staff is proposing to strategically place two of the 55-passenger buses into the Dulles South schedule in February 2017 to relieve overcrowding.

Additionally, staff is proposing to add service from the East Gate Park & Ride lot to Rosslyn and Washington D.C. To accomplish this, staff modified several morning and afternoon routes to pick up and drop off at Dulles South and the East Gate park & ride lots. Details of the proposed changes to the Dulles South schedules are listed below:

Morning Changes
  • 205W – This run starts 5 minutes earlier from Dulles South, proceeds to East Gate and then straight to the State Department, skipping Rosslyn.
  • 210W – This is similar to the old 205W with the following exceptions, it departs at 6:30 AM (10 minutes later) and it ends at the Reagan Building, not the Navy Yard
  • 207W - This route was split in two. The new 207W starts at 7:00 AM from Dulles South and then picks up at the East Gate Park & Ride lot and then proceeds straight to the State Department.
  • 211E - This run also replaces the old 207. The 211E departs at 7:15 AM from Dulles South, picks up at the East Gate Park & Ride lot and then proceeds straight to the east side of DC (Independence Ave & 12th ST SW)
  • 201E, 202W, 203E, 204E, 206, 208 & 209W are unchanged.

Afternoon Changes

The 602, 604B and 605 have been very crowded, often having standees. Two coaches have been added to the afternoon service and these runs have been strategically altered to shorten the commute and provide much needed seating.

  • 602 – The 602 has essentially been split into two runs (602 & 611). The east half of the city has been removed from the run which should open up seating for all Dulles South & East Gate riders on the west side of DC (14th St thru 19th St). This change should also allow the run to be more reliable in terms of arriving at the scheduled times.
  • 604 – During the current public comment period, staff received many concerns about removing Brambleton from the 604. Because of those concerns, staff ran new passenger count reports on the 604 and realized that we made a mistake.  Brambleton has been added back onto the new 604 and East Gate has been added as a drop off location as well. It is still scheduled to arrive at Dulles South by 5:14 PM. Comments are still being accepted but staff wanted to make sure that all of our Brambleton riders know that this change has been made already.  
  • 611 - This new run is essentially the first half of the old 602. This run starts 10 minutes later at 3:35 PM and also drops off at East Gate. It is still scheduled to arrive at Dulles South at 5:02 PM.
  • 605 – The old 605 has been split into two runs (605 & 612). The new 605 will start at the Reagan building at 4:21 PM and pick up on all stops on 14th ST, I St, & 19th St NW. This change will eliminate standees on the 605 and should also allow this run to be more reliable in terms of arriving at the scheduled times. The East Gate lot has been added as a drop off on the 605.
  • 612 – The 612 is a new run that will pick up in the east half of DC and then proceed directly to East Gate and Dulles South. This run starts 15 minutes later at 4:06 PM at H & 8th St NW. The run is scheduled to arrive at Dulles South by 5:37 PM.
  • 601, 603D, 607, 608, 609 & 610 are unchanged.

To view the proposed schedule for Dulles South and East Gate, please click on the link below:
Proposed Dulles South-East Gate commuter bus schedule - 02-06-17

Send Your Comments
Comments regarding the proposed changes for the Dulles South schedules are welcomed and should be emailed to . Comments will be accepted through Friday, October 14, 2016.

More Information
Commuters who have questions about the proposed schedule changes or require additional information may contact Transit and Commuter Services by email or by phone at 1-877-465-2287 or 703-771-5665. A customer service representative is available to speak to callers Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Visit www.loudoun.gov/transit for complete information about commuting options in Loudoun County.

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