Conservation Easement Assistance Program

  • A conservation easement is a voluntary, legal agreement between a land owner and a land trust or government agency that permanently limits uses of the land in order to protect its conservation values. It allows land owners to continue to own and use their land, and they can also sell it or pass it on to heirs. The limits of the conservation easement ‘run with the land,’ meaning that even if the land is inherited or sold, the restrictions stay in place.
  • The county launched a new Conservation Easement Assistance Program in 2019 that will help land owners with the upfront costs of placing land under conservation easement. 
  • Funding for half of these costs (maximum $15,000) will be provided to land trusts working with qualifying land owners in Loudoun County.
  • Land owners interested in the possibility of placing their land under a conservation easement should contact a land trust to begin the process.If the land trust agrees, the land trust will apply on behalf of the land owner.
  • Contact one of these land trusts for more information: 

Qualifying Services

Program funding can cover:

  • Attorney's fees
  • Land appraisal and survey fees
  • Processing and document fees
  • Stewardship costs

Application Periods

  • The online application process will be open twice each year, during the month of March and the month of September. 
  • A total of $150,000 in funding will be available annually and split between the two application periods.
  • The application form and accompanying documentation will be accepted from land trusts March 1 - March 31, 2019, and September 1 - September 30, 2019.


Email for more information or call 703-771-5778.

Download the Conservation Easement Assistance Program flyer (PDF).

  1. Eligibility Requirements
  2. How to Apply
  3. Award Process

Land Owner Requirements

Land owners must:

  • have a gross household income that does not exceed 100% Area Median Income (as of August 2019, $121,300).
  • have property that meets the Land Requirements below.
  • be working with an organization that meets the Land Trust Requirements (see below) and will submit the application on behalf of the land owner.

Land Requirements

The property must:

The property must not:

Land Trust Requirements

Land owners must be working with a qualifying land trust to be eligible.

The land trust:

  • must be the conservation easement “Holder” as defined by Virginia Code § 10.1-1009 et seq. 
  • may apply to the Conservation Easement Assistance Program on behalf of the land owners (individual land owners cannot submit applications).
  • may be located anywhere (the land must be located in Loudoun County).