Virginia Cooperative Extension - Loudoun

Virginia Cooperative Extension (VCE) Loudoun provides research-based educational programs for Loudoun County residents. These programs promote healthy living, improving our food systems, youth development, and taking care of the environment.

This education includes:

  • Improving Our Food System 
  • Teaching Life Skills and Reducing Youth Depression
  • Helping Health and Well-Being of Low-Income Families
  • Increasing Sustainability of Agricultural Operations
  • Promoting Environmental Conservation and Care
  1. VCE Loudoun Master Gardeners Present: All About Lavender

    Join owners Cyndie and Peter Rinek to learn about the challenges and triumphs of growing lavender here in Northern Virginia. Read on...
  2. Promoting Soil Health & Environmentally Conscious Practices in Loudoun County

    Soil health is an essential part of a successful farming operation, but how can we promote productive agriculture in ways that foster soil health, steward the environment and are economically feasible and rewarding? Read on...
  3. VCE Loudoun Graduates Twenty-Two Master Gardener Volunteers & Two Beginner Horticulturalist Farmers

    Virginia Cooperative Extension (VCE) Loudoun is proud to welcome twenty-two new graduates into the Extension Master Gardener program and two new graduates into the Beginner Horticulturalist Program. Read on...
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