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Current General Plan & Amendments
  • Loudoun County is developing a new Comprehensive Plan. Details...
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Silver Line
For clarification purposes, based on the June 22, 2017, Board of Supervisors action regarding road realignments, the Silver Line Comprehensive Plan Amendment (CPAM-2016-0002) went before the Board of Supervisors as part of the Administrative Items Report at the Board's business meeting on September 5, 2017. The webcast is available here and the Administrative Items Report is posted below. The Revised General PlanCountywide Transportation Plan and associated maps are currently being revised.

Route 7 Setbacks and Buffer Standards
At the June 22, 2017, Board of Supervisors business meeting, the Board initiated amendments to the policies of Chapter 6 of the Revised General Plan (CPAM-2017-0001) and adopted a Resolution of Intent to Amend the regulations of Article 5 of the Revised 1993 Loudoun County Zoning Ordinance (ZOAM-2017-0002) to revise the building and parking setbacks, and buffering and screening requirements that apply to the section of Route 7 between Broad Run and the east corporate limits of the Town of Leesburg. A webcast of the meeting is available here. The staff report and copy teste (summary of Board's action) are accessible through the links below:
Revised Comprehensive Plan
The Comprehensive Plan is the set of policy documents adopted by the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors intended to serve as a guide for development over the next 20 years and is the foundation for amendments to the Zoning and Subdivision ordinances to ensure the county's goals are implemented through the regulatory process. 

The county's Comprehensive Plan consists of the Revised General Plan and Amendments, specific strategic plans and the Revised Countywide Transportation Plan. The goals of the Revised General Plan include promoting reasonable residential growth, alleviating future traffic congestion, promoting a diverse economy, protecting the rural economy, and preserving environmental and historical features. 

The Revised General Plan is a dynamic document and is revised and updated frequently.

Additional Resources

  • The Office of Mapping and Geographic Information maintains an online map gallery, including a larger version of the Planned Land Use Map, available here.  
  • The Loudoun Online Land Applications System (LOLA) provides a user-friendly tool to access information regarding legislative land development applications and provides a format for public input for active applications. 
  • If you would like information on your planned land use or zoning, please click here.
  • In December 2016, Loudoun County County launched a new interactive land development mapping system that provides access to information about existing and potential land development. A link to the map and more information may be found here.

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