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Cigna Choice Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA)
The HRA provides a health care plan with a reimbursement account funded by the employer to help pay for some of the costs of eligible health care expenses.  The money used from the HRA counts towards satisfying the deductible.  The HRA funds will be used to pay 100% of the cost of eligible health care expenses.  No referral is needed to see a specialist.
Administered by Cigna.

Loudoun County contributes dollars to an employee's HRA based upon the level of coverage selected by the employee and the contribution is available on the first day of each plan year (January 1). Employees may not contribute to the HRA but may set aside pre-tax dollars under a Health Care Flexible Spending Account. Those funds remaining in the employees' HRA at the end of the year will roll over to the next year. Unused funds are forfeited upon leaving employment.

Benefit Details
 Cost  In-Network Benefits  Out-of-Network Benefits
 PCP Office Visit and
 Convenience Care Clinic
 10% after deductible  30% after deductible
 Specialist Office Visit  10% after deductible  30% after deductible
 Deductible  $1,500 / individual
 $3,000 / family
 $2,500 / individual
 $5,000 / family
 Coinsurance              10% after deductible   30% after deductible
 Out-of-Pocket Maximum  $6,450 / individual
 $12,900 / family
 $6,450 / individual
 $12,900 / family

County Contribution - Annualized    
  • Individual: $1,000
  • Family:    $2,000

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