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Automated Inspection Request System
General Information

The number for our telephone Automated Inspection Request System (AIRS) is 703-771-5331.

AIRS may be used to schedule inspections for the following permit types:  Building, Electrical, Fire Suppression, Gas, Mechanical and Plumbing.  Zoning Occupancy Inspections (299) must be scheduled under the related Building Permit number.

In addition to scheduling, AIRS may also be used to cancel scheduled inspections and to request inspection results.   

AIRS has voice-activated capability. It will respond to voice commands as well as keypad entry on your phone.  You may find that voice-activated AIRS can be sensitive to loud background noise– especially when using a speaker phone function.

You may enter or state your response as soon as AIRS begins to request it. While this can shorten the process, we suggest you listen to the entire dialogue until you are more familiar with the system.

AIRS identifies inspection types not by name, but rather by a corresponding 3 digit code. (e.g.  A Grounding inspection for an Electrical permit is identified as 3-2-4.)  You must know the appropriate 3 digit code for your inspection(s) to be able to use AIRS properly.   

The cutoff time for scheduling inspections for the next workday is 11:59 p.m. Any inspection scheduled after the cutoff time will be processed as though received on the following workday. Inspections may be scheduled up to five business days in advance.

Inspections may not be canceled on the same day the inspection is scheduled to be performed. You have until 11:59 p.m. the night before to cancel your inspection.  

It is strongly recommended that you not give your permit number to anyone who is unauthorized to schedule inspections for you. Re-inspection fees may be charged for work that is not ready for inspection.

AIRS is typically available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Under limited circumstances, such as routine system maintenance, AIRS may be temporarily unavailable for use.  We suggest that you wait at least fifteen minutes and call the system once more.

You may also schedule, cancel and request inspection results through the Internet using our Web Automated Inspection Request System (WAIRS), which is available here: www.loudoun.gov/wairs.

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