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Scheduling Instructions

What you need to schedule the inspection: permit number, contractor or owner name

Permit number - you must type the permit number exactly as it is printed on your permit (i.e., B1001000100). Remember: building permit numbers are used to schedule zoning occupancy inspections.

First three characters of the contractor - this information is located in the top right-hand column of your permit between the tax map number and lien agent. Enter the first three characters of the contractor name exactly as it appears on your permit in the contractor field being sure to count spaces, numbers, and/or symbols as a character.

If the contractor is the owner, you must type the first 3 characters of the owner name being sure to count spaces, numbers, and/or symbols as a character

Submit -Click the submit button. You will be taken to the scheduling screen.  Clicking the reset button will clear both fields

Scheduling - To schedule an inspection, go to the yellow area labeled "To Schedule a New Inspection" on the Inspection Scheduling Screen. Choose the desired "Inspection Type" from the drop down pick-list.  Enter the date you wish to have the inspection performed using the yyy-mm-dd format. The date field automatically defaults to a next-day inspection.  You may enter another date up to five calendar days in advance.  You may not schedule inspections for the current workday, weekends or county holidays.

Verification - The Inspection Verification Screen lets you know that your inspection has been successfully scheduled and provides you with a four digit Authorization Number.  We recommend you print this page and retain for your records.  In the event you wish to cancel the inspection, the authorization number is needed.  To view inspection results, access the inspection scheduling screen.

Cancellation - To cancel an inspection, access the inspection scheduling screen.

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