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Loudoun County Streamflow  Streamflow Map
An estimated 1,000 miles of perennial steams exist in Loudoun County, along with several reservoirs and numerous ponds. Both the quantity and quality of water in the streams are important to the people and ecosystems in Loudoun as well as to those living downstream in other communities where our water eventually flows. All of Loudoun’s streams drain either directly or indirectly into the Potomac River and ultimately into the Chesapeake Bay. The county helps collect information on streamflow as part of its Water Resources Monitoring Program.

Water to Loudoun Residents
Loudoun County's 283,000 residents are served by water obtained from surface water sources. Loudoun Water (formerly the Loudoun County Sanitation Authority) provides water to over 175,000 residents from two surface water sources:
  • Beaverdam Reservoir on Goose Creek
  • Potomac River

The Town of Leesburg supplies over 45,000 residents with water from the Potomac River. In western Loudoun, the Town of Purcellville supplies water to about half of its population from the Hirst Reservoir situated in the headwaters of the Catoctin watershed.

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