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Staff Members
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Commissioner of the Revenue
Robert S. Wertz, Jr. - Commissioner
Susan Breen - Chief Deputy
Izabel Staicu - Operations Manager  
Andrea Demyan - Administrative Manager 

Business Tax 
Phil McAleavy - Deputy
Shelly Morin - Senior Business Tax Assessor
Zachary Hanson - Business Tax Assessor
Joseph Kabesa - Business Tax Assessor
Cathy Pierce - Business Tax Assessor
Natalie Meyer - Business Tax Assessor

Michelle Guenther - Deputy
Monika Dixit - Senior Business Tax Auditor
Michael Knowles - Business Tax Auditor
Julie Rivard - Business Tax Auditor
Brendan Benisek - Tax Compliance Officer
Jeff Joyce - Tax Compliance Officer
Chris McCoy - Tax Compliance Officer
Lyndsey Schmidt - Tax Compliance Officer

Personal Property/Tax Services
Beth Shenk - Deputy
Jennifer Baker - Taxpayer Service Manager - Sterling
Michelle McGuinn - Taxpayer Service Manager - Leesburg
Susan Cerimele - Personal Property Tax Assessor
Michelle Cornett - Personal Property Tax Assessor
Walter Cortez - Personal Property Tax Assessor
Susan Escobar- Personal Property Tax Assessor
Doris Essiaw - Personal Property Tax Assessor
Teresa Grigsby - Personal Property Tax Assessor 
Eve How - Personal Property Tax Assessor
Marie Joseph - Personal Property Tax Assessor
Maureen Ruel - Personal Property Tax Assessor
Sara Tarrillo - Personal Property Tax Assessor
Information Technology
Brian Kimberly - Deputy
Mary Ellen Robertello - Senior Systems Analyst
Judy Forsch - Program Assistant
Brandon Landas - GIS Mapping Specialist
Matthew Michau - IT Program Specialist
Christopher Neto - Systems Analyst

Commercial Real Estate
Brian Williams - Deputy
Jeanie Canon - Senior Appraiser
Mark Fordenbacher - Senior Appraiser
Michael Beck - Appraiser
Robert Fey - Appraiser Technician

Residential  Real Estate
Jim White - Deputy
Jamie Ritchie - Supervising Appraiser
Andrew Barton - Appraiser Technician
Michael Beck - Residential Appraiser
Patrick Jewell - Residential Appraiser
Elizabeth Julius - Residential Appraiser
Monae Lienhard - Appraiser Technician
Kevin McMahill - Senior Residential Appraiser
Mark Ryan - Appraiser Technician
Sherry Sheth - Senior Residential Appraiser
Ron Stober - Senior Residential Appraiser
Joseph Vill - Residential Appraiser
Carl Wiberg - Residential Appraiser
John Schumacher - Appraiser Tech

Exemptions and Deferrals
Darya Thompson - Deputy
Doreen Dilly - Senior Tax Exemptions and Deferrals Specialist
Maria Quinteros - Tax Exemptions and Deferrals Specialist
Rebecca Valcourt - Tax Exemptions and Deferrals Specialist
John Wheeler - Tax Exemptions and Deferrals Specialist

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