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Tax Compliance
The Commissioner of the Revenue endeavors to serve citizens and the business community by administering tax programs in a manner that is efficient, fair, equitable, and thorough while protecting the confidential information entrusted to the office. To ensure equity, the Commissioner has implemented programs to encourage voluntary compliance with tax laws, to discover businesses that may be unaware of tax obligations, and to properly assess persons and businesses that may be attempting to evade taxes.

Compliance Division staff reviews information from various sources to ensure that business owners are properly registered with Loudoun County and paying the taxes they are obligated to pay. Citizens assist in this process by providing information concerning potential local tax liability. If you have a concern regarding the tax status of a business operating within Loudoun County, you may contact the Compliance Division or complete a Report of Alleged Tax Evasion form and submit it to the office at:

Commissioner of the Revenue
Attn: Compliance Division
P.O. Box 8000
Leesburg, VA 20177-9804
Ph: 703-777-0260
Fx: 571-258-3219
For your convenience, you may also email the information to the Compliance Division or leave a voice message on our Compliance Hotline at 703-777-0400.

All communication with this office will be kept confidential in accordance with Virginia Code § 58.1-3. Please provide contact information so that we can be in touch with you should we need additional information.

Information for Vehicle Owners
Please visit our Vehicle Personal Property Tax page for information regarding local taxation of vehicles garaged or parked in Loudoun County.

If you have a concern regarding the status of a vehicle regularly located within Loudoun County, you may contact the Personal Property Division at:

Commissioner of the Revenue
Attn: Personal Property Division
P.O. Box 8000
Leesburg, VA 20177-9804
Ph: 703-777-0260
Fx: 703-777-0263
For your convenience, you may also email the information to or call our Compliance Hotline at 703-777-0400.

Information for Business Owners
Business owners, including owners of home-based businesses of more than $4000.00, are required to register their business with the Commissioner's Office within 30 days of commencing business operations in Loudoun County, and obtain a business license, if necessary. Most building trade contractors with projects in Loudoun County, outside the incorporated towns (Loudoun County Towns), are required to register with the Commissioner's Office regardless of where the business may be physically located or headquartered. Businesses physically based in another locality, but performing work in Loudoun, may or may not be subject to local license tax depending on the type, scope, and duration of the activity. A Business Tax assessor in the Commissioner’s Office can determine whether a local license is required.

The following information is helpful to making a license requirement determination:
  • Company name or name of the individual engaging in business
  • Address and phone number of the business or business activity
  • Date and location where business activity began

The local business license issued by the office is not regulatory in nature; rather it is the receipt for the payment of the Business Professional and Occupational License (BPOL) tax. The possession of a Loudoun County business license does not signify that the holder has any proficiency, performs satisfactory work, or that he/she has obtained all lawful regulatory approvals and/or is in compliance with federal immigration laws or other legal requirements. Some professions are regulated by the Virginia Department of Professional Regulation.

Contacting Local Towns
The Commissioner's Office does not generally license businesses that are located within the incorporated limits of Hamilton, Hillsboro, Leesburg, Lovettsville, Middleburg, Purcellville, and Round Hill. If you are concerned about the tax status of a business located in an incorporated town, you may wish to contact the respective town. See the Loudoun County Towns web page for contact information.

Reporting Zoning Violations
The Loudoun County Zoning Ordinance allows certain businesses and occupations to be conducted in a dwelling unit provided they comply with certain restrictions. If you would like to report an alleged zoning violation occurring outside the incorporated towns or have questions regarding the Zoning Ordinance, please visit the Department of Building and Development's website or contact the Zoning Administration Division at 703-777-0103. If you have a complaint about an overcrowding situation, please call the Overcrowding Hotline at 703-737-8190.

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