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Improving Mileage & Saving Gasoline
Tips to Save Gasoline
The top ideas for saving gasoline and improving mileage are:
  • Accelerate gradually rather than making jackrabbit starts. Punching the gas pedal pushes more fuel into the engine and takes dollars out of your wallet. Gradually accelerating from stops can increase fuel
  • Do not idle your car for long periods of time at drive-up windows or other locations where there is a long wait. Parking and walking into the store increases fuel mileage up to 19 percent, is good for our air quality and great for your health.
  • Drive at 55 miles per hour (MPH) rather than 65 MPH. For every mile per hour you drive faster than 55 MPH, fuel economy drops by about one percent. The trips take a little longer, but you can improve your fuel economy up to 15 percent and it makes your wallet a little heavier! Driving more slowly is not illegal; however, vehicle codes generally state that no person shall drive upon a highway at such a slow speed as to impede or block the normal and reasonable movement of traffic. Remember to stay in the right hand lane so others may pass.
  • Follow the manufacturers schedule for maintenance checks and service, and regularly check the air pressure in the tires. Driving a vehicle that needs service or has under-filled tires reduces the fuel mileage for the vehicle.
  • Lift your foot off the gas pedal when coming to a stop. Coasting is almost free and will save gas.
  • mileage up to 35 percent over rapid acceleration.
  • Remove excessive weight. Avoid storing unnecessary items in your vehicle. An extra 100 pounds of items in the trunk reduces your fuel economy by about two percent.
  • Use cruise control on highways. Cruise control limits costly acceleration spurts and speed changes and can increase fuel economy by up to 15 percent.
  • Use overdrive in vehicles with 4- and 5-speed automatic transmissions. At higher speeds overdrive more efficiently manages the cars speed. Check your owners manual for more complete information.

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For questions or to learn more about energy efficiency and conservation, please contact Loudoun County Energy Manager Najib Salehi at 703-737-8442 or send an email to .

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