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Recycling More
How to Recycle More
Recycling saves energy. Recycling just one aluminum can saves enough energy to power a TV for 3 hours. In fact, Americans who choose to participate with their local recycling programs save the equivalent of 10 billion gallons of gasoline in reduced energy use by product manufacturers each year. Here are some easy ideas to help you recycle more:
  • If you have something that someone else may be able to use, try posting it on www.freecycle.org, or call the Salvation Army and Goodwill Industries for local drop-off locations.
  • Subscribe to curbside recycling service, either through your Town office, Homeowners Association, or by private subscription with a local waste collector. Visit Curbside Recycling for details.
  • There are recycling and reuse opportunities for all sorts of common items found in the household and workplace such as televisions, computers, printers and printer cartridges, radios, cell phones, eye glasses, hearing aids, clothing, appliances, tools, metals, batteries, bed springs, furniture, office equipment, motor oil, antifreeze, tires, yard waste, and the list goes on. Visit www.loudoun.gov/recycle for a list of what you may recycle and where to recycle it, or call the Loudoun County Department of General Services, Solid Waste Management Division, at 703-777-0187.
  • Use any of the 11 public Recycling Dropoff Centers when you are out and about. Visit www.loudoun.gov/recycle for site information and materials accepted for recycling.
  • When grocery shopping, choose products that are packaged in recyclable materials that are accepted by local recycling programs. Take reusable shopping bags to the store for the items you purchase, instead of accepting plastic grocery bags. Take plastic grocery bags that you have accumulated back to the store for recycling.

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For questions or to learn more about energy efficiency and conservation, please contact Loudoun County Energy Manager Najib Salehi at 703-737-8442 or send an email to e-mail.

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