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Strategic Watershed Management Solutions
Watershed Shared Vision  Strategic Watershed Management Solutions Meeting
In 2006, the Loudoun County government, along with a diverse group of stakeholders and watershed experts conducted a series of meetings to develop a shared vision for watershed management planning strategies for Loudoun County.

This effort was the Strategic Watershed Management Solutions (SWMS) project and was funded by the County of Loudoun and grants from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Effective Watershed Management
The development of a shared watershed management strategy provides a common foundation for both government and citizens to plan and work towards effective watershed management. The SWMS effort was aimed at developing a strategic plan to compile and evaluate optimum strategies for water resource management. Water resource management is critical to providing clean potable water and a healthy sustainable environment.

The SWMS team discussed a range of issues, including:
  • Consensus goals and scope for the watershed plan
  • Coordination or protocols for internal county processes to ensure a smooth planning process
  • Criteria for prioritizing sub-watersheds and specific projects
  • General order of watershed planning activities
  • Hopes and expectations for implementation
  • How best to manage water resources using the watershed as the basic unit of resource management
  • How public involvement should be accomplished county-wide
  • Scientific protocols to be used in the watershed planning effort

The project was facilitated by the Institute for Environmental Negotiation from the University of Virginia. The SWMS stakeholder group developed a consensus strategy and framework for the development of the watershed management plan. The preliminary phase was designed to establish how the various groups and stakeholders would work together through the watershed planning and implementation efforts, catalogue existing watershed activities, as well as developing a joint vision for Loudoun's watershed activities.

Final Report

The final report of the SWMS project, dated December 2006, is available online. Please note that some of the files are large and may take a while to download.
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