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HomeCents Counseling Seminar
Loudoun County offers a free post-home purchase seminar to help recent homebuyers and those interested in purchasing homes an opportunity to learn about:
  • Budgeting – The How, What, When, Where, Why, and Who of budgeting; SMART Goals; planning for expenses, future goals, and emergencies.
  • Home Maintenance – Inspecting your home’s components: life span of materials, HVAC systems and appliances, when you can Do-It-Yourself (DIY) or when you should call a professional, and safety
  • Insurance, Taxes, and HOAs – Learn extra tips on these necessary items
  • Resources – Information on Loudoun County, Northern Virginia, and Virginia state agencies; non-profit programs; and tax advantages, including new federal and state tax laws
Loudoun County is revamping the Home Cents seminars and will be posting dates of the workshops on this page once they are available. 

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