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Election Page Responsibilities
The following are the responsibilities of election pages:
  • Report to and take direction from the Chief Election Officer in the precinct.
  • Do not handle ballots, pollbooks, or voting equipment.
  • Remain strictly impartial. Do not discuss politics, candidates or issues at any time.
  • Arrive on time. Work the entire time you have committed to work. Do not leave the polling place until dismissed by the Chief Election Officer.
  • Dress appropriately in business casual (no blue jeans, shorts, T-shirts, sweatshirts, etc.)
  • Use appropriate language and behavior at all times.
  • Do not visit with friends and neighbors while working at the polling place.
  • Do not use cell phones, pagers, cameras, music players, or other electronic devices.

More Information
Students or instructors/advisors interested in the Election Page Program should contact the Office of Elections at 703-777-0380 or sign up online by clicking here.

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