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Pre-Application Conference
What is a Pre-Application Conference?
A Pre-Application Conference is a meeting between the applicant and staff in the Department of Planning and Zoning to discuss the applicant’s proposal for a Special Exception, Rezoning, Commission Permit, Zoning Modification, or Zoning Concept Amendment Plan.

Why do I need a Pre-Application Conference?
In most cases, it is required that prior to submitting an application, the applicant or a designated representative meet first with staff in a pre-application conference (PRAP). At the conference the landowner/representative will receive an overview of the materials needed to submit an application and a description of the process. Planners from various disciplines (generally Community Planning, Transportation, Zoning, Engineering, and Land Use) will comment on the proposal and make informal recommendations should the applicant/representative decide to go forward with the submission of an application.

What materials do I need to submit when I schedule a Pre-Application Conference?
The request for a Pre-Application Conference must be in writing and include seven copies of the Request for Formal Pre-Application Conference form and seven copies of the following:
  • sketch map(s) of the site
  • description of proposed project or use
  • description of existing environmental, topographical, and structural features on the site to the extent they are known
  • graphics illustrating the scale, location, and design of any buildings or structures to the extent they are known
  • a list of issues to be discussed at the conference

When the Department of Planningand Zoning has received the seven copies of necessary information, the applicant will be notified of the date and time of the Pre-Application Conference.

Where can I get more information?
Information about specific land applications is available online through the Loudoun Online Land Applications system. You may also contact:
Loudoun County
Department of Planning and Zoning
1 Harrison Street, S.E.
PO Box 7000
Leesburg, VA 20177-7000
Ph: 703-777-0246 

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