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2008 Winners
Joint Architectural Review Board Preservation Awards
The historic districts in the towns and the county are areas that boast the highest quantity and quality of significant historic and cultural assets. There are property owners in the districts that are doing outstanding work and contributing to their communities in a very tangible and lasting way. The award program is a small way to commend those efforts.

The following are the 2008 award recipients.

Kitty Legget HouseCategory: Architectural Details
Property: Thornton (Kitty Legget House circa 1791), Main Street, Waterford District
Owners: Christian and Greer Thornton
Contractor: Western Loudoun Restoration, Inc.

Project: Restoration of original alignment of porch columns between the first and second stories of historic home. The new, appropriately scaled porch columns with "lamb ear" details replaced wide, 1920s era concrete columns. The owners and their contractor researched historic photographs of the house and adjacent properties to ensure that the new posts would be historically compatible.

The replacement of the porch columns has significantly altered the streetscape of Main Street by creating visual consistency in the scale and massing of the porch details along the north side of the street.

Courtyard at MiddleburgCategory: Restoration and Infill - Commercial Use
Property: Courtyard at Middleburg, Pendelton Street, Middleburg Historic District
Owner Representative: Rita Canada, Woodland Development

Project: Development of a commercial office project in the Historic District of Middleburg facing a residential street, including the restoration and adaptive re-use of the existing stone bungalow as part of the development. The new construction was scaled to fit with the historic bungalow’s one and a half story height. New residential type buildings were built around a courtyard facing the residential street, which gives relief to the street elevation and allows for more green space.

Parking was accommodated by an underground area, which also avoids a parking lot in a residential area, as well as placing power below grade and adding screening from mechanical areas. The Courtyard at Middleburg project exemplifies compatible new construction in an in-fill lot by taking into consideration scale, massing and materials consistent with the existing building and historic context.

Category: New Construction - Town Setting
Property: “Norris Carriage House” Loudoun Street, Leesburg
Owners: Roger Healy and Carol Kincade
Architect: Jeannie White

Project: Construction of a single family homes behind the historic “Norris House Inn” in the Leesburg Historic District. The owners worked closely with their architect to design a functional single family home which blends well with the architectural character of the surrounding buildings in size, scale, massing and details. The new construction borrows design details from the 19th century Norris House, particularly the boxed–bay window and mixture of siding profiles. This project exemplifies the goal of creating new and distinct buildings that are sensitive to, and compatible with, the existing historic architecture of Leesburg.

Updegrove HouseCategory: New Construction - Rural Setting
Property: “Updegrove House” Hughesville Road, Goose Creek Historic District
Owners: David and Lynne Updegrove

Project: Construction of new single family house and detached garage in the Goose Creek Rural Historic District. This project is an excellent example of compatible new construction in rural Goose Creek.

The massing of the home is well articulated with the use of dormers, changing roof planes and materials.
The garage is attached at an angle by a breezeway for a “carriage house” effect.

The front elevation of the home adopts a simple farmhouse design, with Victorian elements. The rear elevation features larger expanses of windows that are not visible from the road, but allow the owners to take advantage of rural views.

Mahlon Myers HouseCategory: Addition to Historic Home
Property: McGowan (Mahlon Myers House, circa 1821), Butchers Row, Waterford District
Owners: John and Sandra McGowan
Architect: Bethany Puopolo

Project: Restoration of an 1821 brick cottage, the front of which is pictured at the top of this page, in the Waterford Historic District and the construction of stone and frame addition.

The design uses the topography of property to ensure that the small, historic cottage is unaltered on 3 elevations and remains the visual focal point of the property.

The owners and their architect have achieved an excellent example of an addition to a small historic house in a village setting. The cottage was restored as part of this project and original materials were retained and re-used.

The Wine Cellar SignCategory: Sign
Property: The Wine Cellar, Madison Street, Middleburg Historic District
Owner: JGB Foods (John Gustin Burkett)

Project: Installation of a new sign for a wine retail business in the Historic District of Middleburg on a commercial street.

The sign was made from a barrelhead obtained from a local winery and exemplifies originality.

The sign is constructed of authentic, natural materials and is designed to be compatible in scale and height with the surrounding district.

Loudoun County Courts Complex,Category: Restoration and Preservation – Institutional Use
Property: Loudoun County Courts Complex, East Market Street, Leesburg Historic District
Owner: Loudoun County
Representative: Paul Brown, County Administration

Project: Restoration of the historic courts complex, including the reconstruction of the ventilator on top of the bell tower, restoration of the Academy and Clone Buildings, the preservation of the Valley Bank Building and a landscape master plan for the courthouse grounds.

The project exemplifies preservation standards at the local and national levels, emphasizing the retention of historic features and replacement in-kind only when necessary and the work is based on physical and documentary evidence.

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