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Demographic Characteristics
Loudoun County Demographics
The Department of Planning and Zoning performs and publishes analysis of Loudoun County demographic characteristics and issues. In addition, the Census Bureau publishes data on Loudoun County. 
American Community Survey (Annual Data)
The U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (ACS) has been providing data that describes Loudoun County starting with 2005, and has taken the place of the “long form” data gathered with the decennial census through 2000.  The ACS is a source for descriptive statistics for 2010 as well as for intercensal year data.  Available statistics include such things as educational attainment, foreign born population, language spoken at home, household income, and housing characteristics.

When using the American Community Survey’s data, it is best to use percentages from the ACS, rather than report actual numbers. Since the ACS is a survey, it is not meant to be used as a count of population and households.  ACS one-year estimates are best to use if current data is needed, but they can have large statistical sample error.  ACS five-year estimates are best to use for increased statistical reliability. Three-year data are also available. 

Loudoun County analyses using ACS demographic data are provided below, as well as U.S. Census Bureau demographic profile data sheets.  More ACS data can be found by going to the Census Bureau’s American FactFinder

  • Loudoun County Analyses

    2014 American Community Survey

Cultural_Diversity_Pic.JPGCultural Demographics Presentation 
(updated May 2016)

This presentation highlights the cultural demographics of Loudoun County, including race and ethnicity, the foreign born population, and the limited English speaking population.                            

A demographic presentation containing information on income, educational attainment, and cultural demographics can be accessed by clicking here or on the image below.    (updated July 2016)  

Link to larger view of story map



Prior American Community Surveys
Click link on right to view reportIncome Highlights - 2011 American Community Survey        
(published April 23, 2013)
This document highlights Loudoun County income characteristics and trends, as well as economic challenges and hardships faced by Loudoun County residents. 

Click link on right to view reportUnmarried Population: Places of Residence - 2011 American Communtiy Survey
(published March 14, 2013)  
This document is a set of maps and tables portraying the places of residence of the unmarried population throughout Loudoun County by census tract geographies.

  • Census Bureau Demographic Profiles, ACS One-Year Estimates 

ACS One-Year Estimates are available for Loudoun County.  The one-year estimates are not available for sub-geographies of the County (e.g. towns, election districts). The Demographic Profiles found below provide information on the most requested demographic information.  In addition, more ACS data can be found by going to the Census Bureau’s American FactFinder.  Please note that the primary source for annual economic data on the civilian labor force and unemployment is the Virginia Employment Commission, not the ACS.  Use the ACS for other economic characteristics data. 

  • Census Bureau Demographic Profiles, ACS Five-Year Estimates 

ACS Five-Year Estimates are available for Loudoun County and sub-geographies of the County such as election districts.  The Demographic Profiles found below provide information on the most requested demographic information.  In addition, more ACS data can be found by going to the Census Bureau’s American FactFinder

2010 Decennial Census

  • Loudoun County Analysis

Census HighlightsCensus Highlights  (Published Dec. 8, 2011)
This document highlights 2010 Census demographic data for Loudoun County.  Included in the document is information on population, race, Hispanic and Latino origin, age, housing unit vacancy rate, household size, and family households of Loudoun County.


Click link on right to view reportRace and Ethnicity Population Concentration Maps  (Published Dec. 16, 2011)  

This document is a set of maps that portray the population concentrations of racial and ethnic groups residing in Loudoun County.  Included in the document are maps showing the location of White, White non-Hispanic, Black/African American, Asian, two or more races, Hispanic/Latino, and Minority populations in Loudoun County.


Other Demographics                                      

townhouse.jpgHome Sales Prices by Zip Code Report        
(published August 27, 2014)
This document highlights the price variations of owner-occupied houses sold in Loudoun County. The purpose of the analysis is to assess the housing affordability issue and to provide a clearer understanding of where the least and most costly housing exists.       

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