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Ashburn District
Polling Locations
On the following list, you may click on the precinct name and number on the left side of the page for a map in a PDF format of the precinct, showing the location of the polling place. You can click on the address to go to a Google map for directions.

Number & Name

Polling Place


808 - Stone Bridge  Stone Bridge High School  43100 Hay Rd. 
810 - Cedar Lane  Cedar Lane Elementary School  43700 Tolamac Dr. 
813 - Seldens Landing  Seldens Landing Elementary School  43345 Coton Commons Dr. 
814 - Newton-Lee  Newton Lee Elementary School  43335 Gloucester Pkwy. 
815 - Belmont Ridge  Belmont Ridge Middle School  19045 Upper Belmont Pl. 
817 - Sanders Corner  Sanders Corner Elementary School  43100 Ashburn Farm Pkwy. 
818 - Broad Run  Broad Run High School  21670 Ashburn Rd. 
819 - Heritage Church  Heritage Baptist Church  21700 Shellhorn Rd.
820 - Belmont Station  Belmont Station Elementary  20235 Nightwatch St.
822 - Riverside  Riverside High School 19019 Upper Belmont Pl.

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