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Confession of Judgment
*Please note that Court personnel are prohibited by law from giving legal advice. If you need assistance or advice, please see our Legal Aid and Links page here.

Please note:  Appointments are required for filing a Confession of Judgment. (Be prepared to be at the Clerk's Office for approximately 20-30 minutes.)                        

Required Documents: 
  • Civil Cover Sheet
  • Completed CC-1420 (must contain page 2), to be signed & certified upon filing with the Clerk
  • Original note + 2 copies per debtor

Confession of Judgment is a civil action in which the debtor or attorney-in-fact (i.e., designated agent or the judgment debtor) provides written confession of a claim against the debtor and consents to entry of judgment in favor of the creditor.  The judgment lien runs from the time docketed in the Judgment Lien Docket of the Clerk's Office in which property of the debtor lies.  A suit, motion or action does not have to be pending in Circuit Court.

Only the debtor or attorney-in-fact may confess judgment.  Third parties appointed by attorney-in-fact are not authorized to confess judgment.  Creditor needs to file original note (bond or other obligation), if there be such, with the Confession of Judgment.  If the original note cannot be filed, an affidavit of explanation must be provided.  

Note must contain (in bold-face print)
  • "Important notice: This instrument contains a confession of judgment provision which constitutes a waiver of important rights you may have as a debtor and allows the creditor to obtain a judgment against you without any further notice."

Service on the debtor must be issued within 10 days of filing if service is by sheriff.  Private process or certified mail service must be issued within 21 days of filing.  If service is not made within 60 days of filing, the judgment becomes void.

To schedule an appointment, please call Sandy Amundson in the Civil Division of the Clerk of the Circuit Court at 703-737-8404.

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