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Performance/ Erosion and Sediment Control Bonding

Prior to approval of a record plat or site plan, the developer or property owner must provide a financial guarantee in the form of a corporate surety bond, a letter of credit from a bank, or cash to assure the timely construction and completion of improvements in accordance with the approved plans.

For erosion and sediment control (E&S) permits, the bond, letter of credit, or cash guarantees that the site can be stabilized if the work is not completed. Performance and proffer bonds guarantee that work shown on approved development plans can be completed. E&S bonding procedures are governed by Section 1220 of the Loudoun County Codified Ordinances. Performance and Proffer bonding is governed by Section 8.300 of the Loudoun County Facilities Standards Manual.

Types of bonding collateral accepted by Loudoun County (in order of preference):
  1. Cash [Certified Check or Cashier's Check]
  2. Letter of Credit from a Bank with a Highline Rating of 35 or better
  3. Corporate Surety Bond from an institution with a size of VIII or better and an AM Best rating of A or A+

Performance and Proffer Bonding

  1. New Performance and Proffer Bonds
  2. Maintenance of Performance and Proffer Bonds (Extensions, Reductions, Substitution)
  3. Release of Performance and Proffer Bonds (including Latent Defect and indemnification bonding)

Erosion and Sediment Control Bonding:

  1. New E&S Bonds
  2. Maintenance of E&S Bonds (Reductions, substitutions)
  3. Release of E&S Bonds

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