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Government Reform Commission
Update: Reform Commission Ends Term; is Honored by Board of Supervisors
After a year and a half of researching, reviewing and making recommendations regarding Loudoun County programs and services to enhance the quality of local government in a cost-effective manner, the Government Reform Commission’s (GRC) term ended in June 2013. On July 17, 2013, the Board of Supervisors recognized the members of the GRC with Resolutions of Appreciation

The GRC has made recommendations on a variety of issues. The specific recommendations, meeting documents and more, are online and may be found on this webpage.
Government Reform Commission Recommendations
The Government Reform Commission has made recommendations to the Board of Supervisors in a number of areas. The documents related to the recommendations are online:

Reform Commission Created Two Sub-Committees
Sub-committee #1
Sub-committee # 1 focused on finance; consolidation; and privatization. The agendas for the meetings are online: 

Members of Sub-committee #1 included: 
James Rohrbaugh - Co-chair
John Whitbeck - Co-chair
Scott Hamberger
Cliff Keirce (assigned pending confirmation)
Don Walker
Sub-committee #2
Sub-committee #2 focused on: Economic Development Authority (EDA); Loudoun Water; public safety; and the county’s development and permit process. The agendas and related documents are online:

Members of Sub-committee #2 included:
Bob Gordon - Co-chair
Tanya Matthews - Co-chair
Tom Julia
Barbara Munsey
Mark Nelis
Woody Turner
Don Walker

General Purpose
The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors created the Loudoun County Government Reform Commission (GRC) to focus on common-sense strategies and substantive recommendations for reducing costs, increasing efficiencies, identifying cost-effective and innovative ways to improve and deliver services, and saving taxpayer’s money. The purpose of the commission was to provide the Board with recommendations that will result in a leaner, more cost-effective and responsive county government.  The GRC was intended to generate actionable recommendations and a blueprint for streamlining county government and reducing costs.

The Board directed the GRC to focus on the following key areas:

  • Identify opportunities, by means of an audit or other means, for creating efficiencies in county government, including streamlining, consolidating, and/or eliminating duplicative and unnecessary services, programs, and regulations;
  • Explore innovative ways to deliver county services at the lowest cost and best value to taxpayers;
  • Seek out means to more effectively and efficiently perform core county government functions and concentrate on core mission-oriented service, including potential privatization of government operations where appropriate; and
  • Examine ways for government to be more transparent, user friendly, and accountable to citizens. 
  • The commission will submit periodic reports of its findings and recommendations to the Board of Supervisors.
The Board of Supervisors created the commission on January 3, 2012.

The Board of Supervisors appointed 13 members to the GRC. Members were residents of Loudoun County and served at the pleasure of the Board.  The commission included representation from the business, government, non-profit and community sectors. The members were:

  •  At-Large representative - Tom Julia, Chairman 
  •  Ashburn District - Scott Hamberger, Vice Chairman 
  •  Algonkian District – Dan Moldover
  •  Blue Ridge District – Mark Nelis 
  •  Broad Run District – Cliff Keirce 
  •  Catoctin District – Don Walker 
  •  Dulles District – Barbara Munsey
  • Leesburg District – Bob Gordon 
  • Sterling District – Woody Turner 
  • At-Large – James Rohrbaugh 
  • At- Large – John Whitbeck 
  • At-Large – Bill Soltesz
  • At -Large – Tanya Matthews

The Commission held meetings in 2012 and 2103. The 2012 meeting schedule included two public hearings in February 2012. The schedule is online as are summaries of comments taken at the public hearings:

Note: Please check the Loudoun County Government Calendar for any changes to the schedule.

Documents related to the Government Reform Commission meetings as well as other relevant documents are online:
Scope of Work
Staff Contact
The staff contact for the Loudoun County Government Reform Commission was Julie Grandfield, Office of the County Administrator, 703-777-0502.

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