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Mission & Values
Mission Statement
Our mission is to conscientiously serve our community and our citizens in a dynamic world; to protect and enhance the general health, safety, and well-being; to attract and nurture talented people in a work environment that will inspire us to serve the public with integrity, creativity, high standards, and respect; to make the most of our resources; to create, foster, and maintain the best possible quality of life; to invest in tomorrow.

In carrying out this mission, the life we envision for our community is rich and full of promise. We envision citizens proud of their community and the accomplishments of their government.

Statement of Values
The primary mission of the Loudoun County government is to provide high quality service to the public.
  • We demonstrate our commitment to excellence by striving for the highest level of performance to meet the needs of our customers.
  • We carry out our responsibilities with integrity by conducting county business in a responsible, conscientious, ethical, and professional manner.
  • By creating a climate that rewards the anticipation of problems, the sharing of new ideas, and creative problem-solving, we encourage innovation.
  • We are committed to maintaining the highest degree of efficiency by using our time wisely and our resources in a cost effective manner.
  • By accepting responsibility, communicating clearly, and following through with our commitments, we demonstrate accountability to our customers, fellow employees, and citizens of Loudoun County.
  • We show courtesy by treating our customers and coworkers with respect, politeness, and consideration, and by treating all people equally and without prejudice.
  • We demonstrate teamwork by working and supporting one another to achieve the organization's goals.
  • Recognizing that our employees are the organization's primary resource for providing service to the public, the County of Loudoun places a high priority on the personal and professional success of our employees.

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