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Preliminary Plat
What is a Preliminary Plat of Subdivision?
Preliminary Plats of Subdivisions or Preliminary/ Record Plats are required for all subdivisions other than Family Subdivisions, Division Plats, and Subdivision Waiver Plats.

The preliminary plat shows the overall layout of the subdivision and shows the proposed improvements that will be provided to the development. The purpose of the preliminary subdivision is to provide an overall view of the subdivision and show how all the elements of the subdivision work together.

Elements shown on a preliminary plat of subdivision include predictive wetland areas, floodplain information, existing topography and soils information, archaeological information, proposed lot layout, proposed location of water and wastewater treatment, proposed right-of-way layout and improvements, locations of sidewalks, trails, parks, etc. For more information about the Preliminary Plat of Subdivision process please reference Section 1243.06 of the Land Subdivision and Development Ordinance.

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