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Current Vacancies on Advisory Boards
Image of community New Online Application Form
Loudoun County has developed a  new online application form for those applying to the Board of Supervisors to serve on the county’s advisory boards, commissions and committees. In addition to being submitted online, the form allows the applicant to easily attach a resume. The form is accessible through a secure connection through an https (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) address. 

Opportunities are Available to Participate in County Government 
The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors recognizes and celebrates the diversity of Loudoun County and encourages all individuals to apply to serve on Board-appointed committees and commissions. 

There are currently opportunities for people to serve on the following county and regional advisory boards, commissions and committees. The name of the committee also serves as a link to more information about the particular advisory board, commission or committee. Note: "District representative" refers to Loudoun County Election Districts, including the at-large, countywide district. If you're not sure what election district you are in, you can find out through this online map.

Advisory Boards Whose Members Serve Concurrent with the Board of Supervisors (through December 31, 2019)

Staggered Three-Year Terms

For information about specific vacancies, call 703-777-0204 or send an e-mail. Information about boards, committee and commission is available at www.loudoun.gov/advisory.

Also, information about the Board of Supervisors' advertising and appointment procedures for boards, commissions and committees,including information about the Board's online standard application form is available here.

Updated April 25, 2017

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