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Bicycle & Pedestrian Information
Bicycles on Premium Commuter Buses, Transit-Style Buses and Local Buses

Photo of bicylesPremium Commuter Buses (Large Coach Buses)   
  • Complete the Bike on Bus Registration Form.  
  • Once approved, Loudoun County will issue you a bike on bus permit card that you will show the bus driver, who will then open up the luggage compartment for you to place your bike on the bus.
Transit-Style Buses (Metro Connection) and Local Buses 

No bus permit card is required.  The bicycle racks are located on the front of each of the buses.  A maximum of two bikes can be loaded on one bus.  

If the racks are full, riders will need to wait for the next available bus bike rack.  

If you are unfamiliar as to how to load a bike on the transit style/local buses, we have created a short video demonstrating this process.

Bicycle Lockers

Photo of bicycle lockers at park and ride lotBicycle lockers are available for rent at the Dulles North Transit Center and can be obtained by calling  the Virginia Department of Transportation at 703-327-6925.  

Bicycle lockers are available for rent at the East Gate, Dulles Town Center,Harmony, Leesburg and Stone Ridge II (Dulles South) Park and Ride Lots and can be obtained by calling Loudoun County Commuter Services at 703-771-5665.

Recreational Bicycling and Walking

Bicyclists in Loudoun County are fortunate to have the Washington and Old Dominion Trail and smaller recreational trail systems to enjoy. Loudoun County also has many pedestrian trails located in parks throughout the county. More information is available online:

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