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Homebuyer Information Guide: Overlay Districts

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Overlay Districts

If you are considering buying a home or land in Loudoun County, you will want to know if it is in an Overlay District.

An overlay district is used to establish alternative land development requirements within a specific area of the county that requires special attention, such as an environmentally sensitive area or rapidly developing corridor.

The overlay is usually superimposed over conventional zoning districts. It consists of a physical area with mapped boundaries and written text spelling out requirements that are either added to, or in place of, those of the underlying regulations.  

The county's overlay districts include, but are not limited to, the Airport Impact Overlay District, Floodplain Overlay District, Historic Districts, Limestone Overlay District, Mountainside Development Overlay District, and Quarry Notification Overlay District.

For example, the Airport Impact Overlay District was established to acknowledge the unique land use impacts of airports, regulate the siting of noise sensitive uses, ensure that the heights of structures are compatible with airport operations, and complement
Federal Aviation Administration regulations regarding noise and height.

The Loudoun County Zoning Ordinance provides detailed information about the county's overlay districts. The Loudoun County Online Mapping System also includes overlay district information.

If you know the address or pin number of a property, you can find detailed information about the property through the
Loudoun County Online Mapping System
and the
Loudoun County Real Estate Tax, Assessment & Parcel Database 
and the
            Loudoun Online Land Applications System.            

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