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FEMA’s Risk MAP Floodplain Remapping Project for Loudoun County
Image of floodingUpdate: Loudoun County's New Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) became effective February 17, 2017. The county has submitted documentation to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) regarding adoption of the new FIRM. FEMA issued an advisory dated February 18, 2017, that Loudoun County remains in "good standing" with the National Flood Insurance Program. Read the advisory here.

General Project Information
The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is funding a project through the Loudoun County government, managed through the Department of Building & Development, that will update and improve the accuracy of the county-wide Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM). The last countywide update of this map occurred approximately 15 years ago.  Included on the FIRM are Special Flood Hazard Areas, which are areas that would be inundated by the base flood.  The base flood is the flood that has a one percent (1%) annual chance of occurring and is often called the “100-year flood”. 

An accurate FIRM, commonly called a “floodplain map”, is a fundamental component of the National Flood Insurance Program. For communities such as Loudoun County and incorporated areas that participate in this program, federally-backed flood insurance is available to homeowners, renters, and business owners as a protection against flood loss. There is a federal requirement that all federally-backed mortgages for a building, dwelling, structure, or improvement located in the high risk flood zone have flood insurance.
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The current project is being implemented through FEMA’s Risk MAP (Risk Mapping, Assessment, and Planning) process, depicted in the graphic at right. Risk MAP, in addition to updating the Flood Insurance Rate Map, is designed to help communities reduce flood hazards to life and property through increasing awareness of flood risk and developing plans to help reduce those risks. More information about Risk MAP is online:

The Loudoun County Government is operating as a “Cooperating Technical Partner” with FEMA and helping manage the Risk MAP project at the local level. The engineering company Michael Baker International was contracted to conduct many of the required Risk MAP project tasks. These tasks include data collection, performing hydrologic and hydraulic analyses, translating the resulting information into several types of floodplain map products, and helping present the new information to the public. These tasks are conducted in accordance with FEMA’s engineering and mapping standards and guidelines, and the products undergo quality control reviews by FEMA and their contractors.

Click on the topics listed at the top of the page for details on specific tasks of the Risk MAP project.

More Information
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If you have a question about this project, please send an email or call the county’s Floodplain Help Line at 703-737-8746.
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