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'Pool Rewards

'Pool Rewards Cash for Carpools
‘Pool Rewards gives Loudoun County commuters a better reason to carpool. This special offer pays new carpoolers $2 per day. Details can be found at the Commuter Connections website.

NuRide: Earn Rewards for Sharing the Ride

The NuRide network not only helps you find someone to share the ride - you also earn rewards points every time you use it. And there's no ongoing commitment - you can use the NuRide network every day, or once in a while. If you already belong to a carpool, you can still sign up with NuRide to earn rewards for what you're already doing.
Rewards are based on a points system called "NuRide Miles" - like frequent flyer miles. You can redeem your NuRide Miles for gift cards and gift certificates from restaurants and national retailers. Learn more by visiting the NuRide website.

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