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The purpose of the Route 28 Zoning Ordinance Update project is to amend Loudoun County’s Revised 1993 Zoning Ordinance to reflect the policies contained in the Route 28 Corridor Plan adopted by the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors. The Route 28 Corridor Plan is the county’s commitment to enhancing the community with more efficient development patterns and high quality design options. The plan also describes objectives for several land use categories and building types further supplemented with guidelines that illustrate alternative means of achieving those requirements. The county is seeking several different outcomes:

•    Implementation of the Route 28 Corridor Plan. As a statement of the county’s vision for the  
     corridor, the Route 28 Corridor Plan needs specific standards and  regulations to achieve its   
     land use policies. The zoning regulations will require a combination of detailed baseline 
     standards, realistic incentives, and  streamlined approval processes in order to encourage   
     development that is consistent with those policies.

•    Integration of Route 28 Corridor standards with the county’s zoning ordinance. The organizing    
     structure of development standards in the Route 28 Corridor will be structured such that they   
     are integrated with the structure of the county’s Revised 1993 Zoning Ordinance.

•    Translation of the regulations into a user-friendly format. The regulations should be easy to use  
      and internally consistent. The Route 28 Corridor zoning standards and procedures will
      translate the county’s vision for development into clear instructions for both the applicants and  
      the general public.

•    Application of incentive-based approaches. The use of creative, incentive-based approaches to   
     development standards and administration of those standards will create the development
     standards that the county desires for the corridor.

•    Incorporation of flexibility. The zoning regulations will give applicants and the county the ability to 
     respond to a variety of situations and respond to changing markets, while maintaining fidelity 
     to the Route 28 Corridor Plan policies.

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