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Dry Hollow Road Tree Planting and Maintenance
photo of volunteersAn 8.5-acre, undeveloped parcel of land near Francis Hazel Reid Elementary School was identified to receive a portion of the Big Spring Creek Watershed Restoration grant funding. 

The land has remained undisturbed since 2003 when a tree planting was undertaken on a portion of the property. While the dense vegetation covering the parcel currently has many water quality and wildlife benefits, the diversity of species on the parcel is less than ideal.  A large percentage of the vegetation includes invasive species that are successfully out-competing the native plant species.  In particular, “Bradford” pears and Japanese Honeysuckle have overrun much of the site and are overtaking the previously planted trees and native seedlings that have sprouted.

Boy Scouts of America Troop 969 worked with Loudoun County to help improve this parcel of land.  As part of an Eagle Scout Project, the troop worked hard during the fall of 2011 to:

  • Remove approximately 30 large bags of trash from the site.
  • Locate the existing native trees and improve their survivability by clearing encroaching pear trees, honeysuckle and wild grape.
  • Plant 50 new native trees on the site.


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