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Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center Wetland Restoration
photo of work at siteAn area on the Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center property receives stream flow from two small headwater streams of the Big Spring Branch watershed. For several decades, the area was a large man-made pond. Over the years, the pond had deteriorated and the streams simply flowed through this low area. Flooding and erosion were becoming problems for the site. 

A wetland restoration project in this area remedied the existing problems and provided significant wildlife and water quality benefits. Loudoun County worked with a local ecologist to design a wetland restoration project for the site. The resulting design called for re-grading the area so that it captures the existing stream flow into a series of pools.

The area will provide the following wildlife and water quality benefits to the Big Spring Branch watershed:

  • Stormwater storage capacity which prevents downstream erosion and flooding
  • Wetland filtering and infiltration which improves downstream water quality
  • Wetland habitat for wildlife
  • Native plant species that provide food for wildlife

photo of volunteersVolunteers assisted with the project to replant the area with: 
  • Black Gum
  • Grey Dogwood
  • Pin Oak
  • Swamp White Oak
  • Wildflower and grassland species

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