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AFD Renewal Process
Approximately ten (10) months before the term of a District expires, the Board of Supervisors, in conjunction with staff from the Department of Economic Development, begins to review the District.  During this time, staff send written notification via first-class, certified, return receipt mail to the current landowners in the District, explaining that the Board of Supervisors is conducting a review in order to determine whether to continue, modify or terminate the District and shall request the recommendations of the Planning Commission and Agricultural District Advisory Committee (ADAC) in conducting such as review.

During the Board's review, pursuant to an amendment to Chapter 1226, Agricultural and Forestal Districts of the Codified Ordinances of Loudoun County, adopted by the Board on December 12, 2011, the owners of all parcels containing at least five (5) acres but less than twenty (20) acres are now required to submit an application for renewal.  Renewal applications for parcels containing at least five (5) acres but less than twenty (20) acres must be accompanied by a signed copy of an appropriate Management Plan based on the use of the property.  Failure of any such owner to submit an application and Management Plan for their property by the deadline listed in the notification letter shall render the property ineligible for renewal in the District.  Please note that owners of parcels less than five (5) or twenty (20) acres or more are not required to submit a renewal application and their parcels will be renewed in the District automatically if no action is taken.

Please visit the Virginia Department of Forestry website for information regarding how to obtain a forest management plan or the Loudoun Soil and Water Conservation District website for information regarding how to obtain a land/farm management plan.

To briefly describe the process for the Board’s review of the District, staff will first review all renewing parcels to ensure that all such parcels are geographically eligible to participate in the District.  These applications and the District’s current Ordinance will then be forwarded to the ADAC for review at a public meeting.  Upon completion of its review, ADAC will then forward its recommendation for continuation, modification or termination to the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors.  Upon receipt of ADAC’s recommendation, the Planning Commission will review the District at a Public Hearing, after which its recommendation for continuation, modification or termination also will be forwarded to the Board of Supervisors.

After receiving recommendations from both the Planning Commission and the ADAC, the Board of Supervisors will hold a Public Hearing in regard to the continuation, modification or termination of the District.  At this Public Hearing, the Board may act to continue, with any modification it deems appropriate, or terminate, the District, or it may forward this decision to the following Board of Supervisors Business Meeting.  Please be aware that at the Board's Business Meeting, Public Input will begin at 6:00 p.m. at which time you will be afforded another opportunity for public comment in regard to the District. 

Should the Board of Supervisors decide to continue (renew) the District, the Board is also authorized to modify the term, subdivision minimum, or any other conditions of the District.  Please note that any such modifications shall be described in a notice sent by first-class mail to you and published in a newspaper having a general circulation within the District at least two weeks prior to adoption of the ordinance continuing the District.

Click here to Download a Renewal Application for Continued Enrollment in an Agricultural and Forestal District.


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