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AFD Benefits
Tax Benefits
  • Qualified land in an AFD is eligible for use-value, or land use taxation whether or not the local government has a county-wide use-value program.  In addition, if the local governing body decides to rescind carnal land use value assessment, landowners in AFDs would continue to pay lower taxes so long as the land continued to meet state eligibility standards.

Community Benefits
  • AFDs help protect productive farm, forest and other open space lands which contribute significantly to a community's rural appeal and character.  AFDs help protect surface and ground water supplies as well as other natural resources, such as wildlife, open space, farms and forests.  AFDs also help promote efficient community development patterns by helping concentrate new development in and around existing communities where services can be provided in the most cost effective manner. 

Restrictions of Government
  • AFDs offer some protection from eminent domain.  Acquisition of land for power lines, roadways and other infrastructure within a district is subject to a special public review process.  Local government may not enact laws within a district that would unreasonably restrict farm structures, farming or forestry. 

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