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Demographic Forecasts
Demographic forecasts are produced using information from decennial censuses and Loudoun County Government's estimates as a basis. Forecasts for future years are available through 2045. Forecasts reflect recent development activity, market conditions, rezonings, approved projects remaining to be built, the county's planned land use, the county's long-range supply of land, and land use constraints.

County Forecast Series
     (Updated December 6,2016)      

  • Population, Housing Units, Households, Employment - 2005 to 2045 forecasted population, households, housing units, and employment in one-year increments   PDFExcel    

          Prior forecast series are available for download under the archives.                            

  • Age of Population - 2000 to 2040 forecasted population by age  PDF   

Sub-County Forecast Series     (Updated April 27, 2016)      

Periodically, demographic forecasts for housing units, households, population, and employment are produced for Loudoun County's 282 Traffic Analysis Zones (TAZs) – providing a relatively fine-grained picture of development forecasts in five-year increments through 2045. Loudoun County submits its TAZ forecasts to the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG). COG finalizes the region’s forecasts approximately six months after all local jurisdictions have submitted their forecasts. Loudoun County also summarizes this data, using its larger planning subareas. There are 10 planning subareas, compared to 282 TAZs.

Round 9.0 is Loudoun County's most recently released set of forecasts.  Loudoun County submitted it to COG on March 21, 2016. Round 9.0 reflects recent development activity, market conditions, rezonings, comprehensive plan amendments, and rail arriving in 2020. The forecasts also reflect approved projects remaining to be built, the county's planned land use, the county's long-range supply of land, and land use/development constraints.

Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments Cooperative Forecasts

Forecasts by TAZs are available through an interactive mapping application.  new.gif

 image of map

Reference maps
Reference maps of geographic boundaries such as the TAZs and planning subareas of Loudoun County are also available.

Click image for reference maps

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