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My Pet is Lost
It is stressful when a pet goes missing. Consider the following steps when looking for your lost pet.
  • Search your home and yard first!  Check everywhere to see if your pet is trapped, including garages, sheds and closets. Be sure to call your pet’s name and use food or treats to entice him/her.
  • As soon as possible, contact Loudoun County Animal Services at 703-777-0406 to file a Lost Pet Report. Please note that it is best to come in-person to see if your pet is here since descriptions of pets can vary from person to person. We receive calls daily about sightings of animals and from individuals who have found pets.
    • All stray dogs and other animals with identification are held for 10 days, and animals without identification are held for 5 days. If not reclaimed in these time periods, the animal becomes the property of LCAS.
    • Lost reports are kept on file for 60 days.
    • Check with animal shelters in neighboring counties. Well-meaning individuals can pick-up a stray animal and take them to a shelter in a different county.
    • You can also search online for lost pets. These listings are from people in the community who have found a pet or are currently housed at LCAS. If you see your pet, please call 703-777-0406 to find out if they are at LCAS or in the care of the finder.
  • Post signs in your neighborhood and within a radius of two miles. Include well-traveled areas and grocery stores, libraries and veterinarian offices.
    • It is important to have a good “lost pet” poster to aid you in your search. 
  • Talk to your neighbors.
  • Walk and/or drive your neighborhood daily.
  • Visit websites and Facebook pages that list lost pets.
  • Call local veterinarians to find out if your pet was brought to them.
  • Talk regularly to your neighbors and to those who are in your neighborhood often, including mail carriers.
    • For neighbors who are not home, you may wish to leave a door hanger.

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