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About Us
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Mission Statement
We resolve to serve our community by promoting public safety and the compassionate treatment of all animals through humane education, community outreach, sheltering and law enforcement.

Vision Statement
We will inspire Loudoun through proactive programming and thoughtful application of resources in order to lead the community’s commitment toward progressive animal services and public safety.  

Loudoun County Animal Services (LCAS) is comprised of two major components, Animal Shelter Operations and Animal Control Division.  The Animal Shelter provides care for companion animals that have been surrendered by their owners or found stray in the County. The Animal Shelter also offers pets for adoption, community engagement and volunteer opportunities.  The Animal Control Division enforces state and local animal laws regarding reports of animal cruelty or welfare concerns by utilizing investigative and humane education practices.  Animal Control Officers engage residents through animal welfare presentations to schools, HOA groups and other community organizations.

Other services provided by the Animal Shelter Operations:
Adoption, surrender and behavioral consultation services
Owner Lost and Found reporting
Enrichment for sheltered pets
Behavioral assessment of all pets to determine adoptability and placement
Volunteer and Foster Care programs
Humane education programs for both youth and adults
Pets on Tour program through the Mobile Adoption Unit 
Participation in community events
Breed rescue and transfer partnerships
Issuance of Dog Licenses including notifications

Other Animal Control Division Services:
Enforcement of State and local laws regarding the care and welfare of companion and agricultural animals 
Investigation of animal cruelty, neglect, animal fighting, animal attacks, abandonment, etc…
Enforces confinement of animals in vehicles 
Regulation and inspection of pet stores and dealers
Respond to wildlife that pose a threat or has had contact with a person or domestic animal 
Intervention for sick or injured domestic animals 
Assist state and local public safety agencies and personnel
Rabies vaccination and dog license enforcement 
Pick up stray dogs from streets and public areas 
Perform emergency technical animal rescues 

LCAS offers programs focused on the humane and lawful treatment of animals as well as provides animal related resources to Loudoun County residents.  These programs include:
Loudoun Pet Pantry – developed as a private/public partnership whose mission is to help keep pets in their homes by providing food supplies for families in need.
Operation: Protect Livestock - designed to return livestock safely to owners in Loudoun County in the event of an emergency or escape.
SAVE program – facilitates the community’s recognition and understanding of the dynamic connection between animal abuse and the cycle of family and societal violence. 
CARE Program – assists with emergency medical and spay/neuter support for the pets of Loudoun residents in financial need. 
Pet Friendly Sheltering and Disaster/Emergency Response – provides emergency support and co-location of pet and human sheltering during emergencies or disasters. 

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