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How to Locate a Property

Using the Search Window
The Search Window can be displayed and hidden by clicking on the Search button in the upper-right corner of the page.  You can search for a property by Address, Parcel Identification number (PIN), or interactively using the "Select property on map" tool.  The map will be zoomed to the property, the property will be highlighted, and information about the property will be displayed on the lower portion of the Search Window.  For more information on the Search Results, click here.

The address search is interactive and will accept addresses beginning with the street number or road name.  As the address is typed the program will provide a list of filtered addresses to choose from.  Once the address is located, choose it and click on the Find button to execute the search.

The PIN search is not interactive and is expecting a nine-digit Parcel Identification Number (PIN) (e.g. 231389137 or 231-38-9137.)  If you enter in a twelve-digit PIN, where the last three digits are a unit number, the program will not accept it.

The interactive or "Select property on map" tool is activated by clicking on the button labeled "Select property on map."  Once activated, the tool executes when you click a location on the map.

Using the Zoom Control
The Zoom Control in the upper-left corner of the map and looks like a a box with a plus (+) over a box with a minus (-).  If you click on the plus (+) the map be zoomed in while clicking on the minus (-) will zoom the map out.  

Using the Inset Map
The Inset Map is located in the lower-right corner of the map and can be displayed or hidden by clicking on it.  Once displayed, the current map extent is represented by a red square.  The red square may be very small and appear to be a dot depending on the scale.  If you hover over the red square your mouse icon will change and you can drag the square to another location and your map will pan to the new location.

Using Your Mouse
If you hold down the left mouse button, after clicking on the map, you can pan in all directions by moving your mouse around.  If you have a wheel on your mouse you can roll it to zoom in and out.

On a Touch-Enabled Device
You can use gestures such as swipe and pinch to navigate.

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