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The Board of Equalization (BOE) is charged with the responsibility of determining whether a property assessment is equalized among similarly situated properties and is assessed at its fair market value as of January 1 of the year in question. The BOE has the authority to increase, decrease or affirm real property assessments in order to ensure that these two tests are met. There is one vacancy on the Board of Equalization as of January 1, 2015, with a term of three years. 

Appointments are to be broadly representative of the community, and a majority of the members must own land in the county. All members are required to participate in the basic course of instruction given by the Virginia Department of Taxation. The Code of Virginia requires that members be residents of Loudoun County.

A percentage of members must meet other qualifications and preference may be given to candidates with any of the following professional experience or background:

  • Commercial or multi-family residential real estate appraisers who are licensed and certified by the Virginia Real Estate Appraiser Board to serve as general real estate appraisers;
  • Other commercial or multi-family real estate professionals or licensed commercial or multi-family real estate brokers; or
  • Builders, developers, active or retired members of the Virginia State Bar, or other legal or financial professionals whose area of practice requires or required knowledge of the valuation of property, real estate transactions, building costs, accounting, finance, or statistics.
For more information, call 703-777-0204 or e-mail .  More information about the Board of Supervisors’ appointment process, including a link to the new standard application form, is available at www.loudoun.gov/advisory.  

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