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Payment Standard: Housing Choice Voucher Program
 Bedroom Size SRO * 3 
 Fair Market Rent  1080 1,440  1,513 1,746 2,300 2,855 3,283  3,711
 Payment Standard
 Eff.11-1-2016 for new move-ins
 Eff.1-1-2017 for annual re-certs







 +10% of FMR  1,188 1,584  1,664  1,921  2,530 3,140 3,611 4,082 


Fair Market Rent:  (FMR) is the average gross rent, including the cost of utilities that would be required to be paid in the Public Housing Authority (PHA) jurisdiction to lease privately owned, existing, decent, safe and sanitary housing of modest (non-luxury) nature with suitable amenities. HUD establishes FMRs for housing units of varying sizes which are published annually in the Federal Register.

HUD: The United States federal department (Housing and Urban Development) that administers federal programs dealing with better housing and urban renewal. Our PHA, Loudoun County Department of Family Services (DFS), is located in the Washington D.C. Metro HUD Area.

Payment Standard: An amount established by the PHA (Loudoun County DFS) and used to calculate the housing assistance payment for a family participating in the voucher program.  The payment standard is the maximum monthly subsidy DFS can provide toward the gross rent (rent plus utility allowance) for the unit size as determined by the PHA’s administrative policy. 

*SRO = Single Room Occupancy

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