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Frequently Asked Questions
Housing Choice Voucher FAQs

Q: Does the HCV program help the tenant with security deposits?
A: No. The tenant is responsible for giving the landlord a security deposit on their own. 

Q: Is my housing counselor responsible for finding me housing?
A: No. The housing counselor can provide you with documentation and listings to assist you in finding a unit. 

Q: How much will my portion of rent be?  
A: All rental information is calculated on an individual basis.  Before your housing counselor can provide you with the amount of rent you will have to pay they must first be given the completed Request for Tenancy Approval form and income information for your entire household.  This information is used when calculating the rental portions. 

Q:  Does Loudoun County screen tenants?
A: LCDFS screens tenants as it relates to income-eligibility for the HCV program and performs criminal background checks in accordance with HUD guidelines.  However landlords are advised to screen for tenant suitability, (credit history, employment history, criminal record and rental history) 

Q: When will the landlord/owner receive the first payment?
A: No payment will be made until the unit has passed inspection and the lease and the Housing Assistance Payment Contract (HAP) have been executed. 

Q: Can the landlord/owner receive the payment via direct deposit?
A: Yes. Loudoun County Department of Family Services (DFS) encourages direct deposit for quick and efficient payment 

Q: If an owner wants a higher contract rent than what is approved by the HCV Program can the tenant pay the difference between the amounts?
A: No. HCV determines what portion of the contract rent the tenant will pay. The tenant is required to pay the amount established.  Your tenant may jeopardize their housing assistance if they are caught making side payments. 

Q: If I want to port-in (move) to Loudoun County, will Loudoun County be absorbing my voucher?
A: No. Loudoun County is currently billing the Housing Authority where your voucher originated.

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