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Shoveling Sidewalks in School Walk Zones
Link to larger map of school walk zonesLoudoun County requests that residents comply with Chapter 1022.1 of the county's codified ordinances, "Removal of Snow and Ice," which requires snow removal on sidewalks on properties that are adjacent to public streets. Keeping sidewalks clear of snow helps to promote public safety by giving pedestrians, including school children, a safe place to walk, keeping them out of the street following a snowfall. 

Many students walk to school in areas where bus transportation is not provided. Loudoun County has created a special online mapping tool which allows anyone to search for any school within the county and zoom in or out on the sidewalks, trails and pathways that fall within these areas or even outside of them. 

Notes for using the tool: 

  • The Search Bar is located at the upper right 
  • Under the “Details” tab, located on the top left, select the middle icon, "Show Contents of Map." Check the boxes to turn “layers” on and off, including buffers for elementary schools, middle schools and high schools. 
  • You may zoom in, or if you are not seeing the data, zoom out. 

Click on the map at upper right or the link below to access the tool.

Note: The buffers depicted in the interactive map are not the official walk zones and are intended for reference only. For specific walk zones maps, please visit the Loudoun County Public Schools website at the link below.  

Loudoun County Public Schools Information 

The Loudoun County Public Schools website provides links to current walk zone pedestrian maps for each school.

Reporting a Violation of the Snow Removal Ordinance

Comprehensive Winter Weather Information

Find comprehensive winter weather preparedness information at www.loudoun.gov/winter.

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