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Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Map: FEMA Risk Map Floodplain Remapping Project
Image of preliminary flood hazard data graphic
Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Map

A Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) and a Revised Preliminary FIRM have been produced by the Risk MAP (Risk Mapping, Assessment and Planning) project consultant for Loudoun County. Accompanying the Preliminary FIRM is the Preliminary Flood Insurance Study (FIS) report.

The initial data submission to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) was dated May 23, 2014. Revisions, dated December 12, 2014, and February 23, 2015, were made to some sections (called panels) of the FIRM and submitted to FEMA. These Preliminary FIRMs and FIS reports are available for viewing and downloading hereThey were presented as the best information available at the time of posting, but were for review and guidance purposes only and subject to change. Definitions of some of the features shown on the Preliminary FIRM are available here.

After the Appeal Process ended, the appeals resolved, and updates made to the Preliminary FIRM, the updated FIRM and FIS were posted on the FEMA Map Service Center (click on “Search All Products”).  

The preliminary map products are not intended for technical use or replication until the review process is completed, at which time the FIRM and FIS report will be finalized. At that time, FEMA will issue a “Letter of Final Determination”, which establishes the final flood hazard data and identifies the date, six months later, at which time the new FIRM and FIS report become effective.  Communities have the six-month period after the Letter of Final Determination to adopt or amend their floodplain management regulations to be in full compliance with National Flood Insurance Program regulations and reference the new FIRM and FIS so that the community can continue participating in the National Flood Insurance Program. Until the new FIRM becomes effective, flood insurance available within each community will continue to be available under the current effective FIRM.

Although the FIRM and FIS reports are preliminary and not intended for technical use, they can be useful for property owners and others to review the status of the floodplain mapping results at this phase of the process and identify if there may be potential flood hazard issues related to existing or planned use of a specific property. A printed copy of the most recent versions of the preliminary FIRM panels and Flood Insurance Study (the same as those on FEMA’s web site) are available for viewing at the Land Development Information Counter on the second floor of the Loudoun County Government Center, 1 Harrison Street, S.E. in Leesburg. To facilitate the public’s access to view the preliminary floodplain mapping results, county staff developed an online interactive floodplain mapping tool, which allows more convenient and detailed viewing of the latest mapping information compared to the printed maps.

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