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Proffer Legislation: Small Area Plans
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The Board of Supervisors public hearing originally scheduled for October 12, 2016, has been postponed.  The new date will be posted on this web page once finalized. Meeting dates are also posted on the Loudoun County Government Master Calendar.

Planning Commission public hearing on the proposed Comprehensive Plan Amendment (CPAM) concerning the new proffer legislation and small area plan boundaries (CPAM-2016-0003) was held on September 27, 2016. The meeting is available for viewing through the Loudoun County  webcast systemStaff reports and attachments are located at the links below.

Written comments can be provided to the Loudoun County Planning Commission and/or Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, c/o Loudoun County Department of Planning and Zoning, 1 Harrison St., S.E., 3rd Floor, P.O. Box 7000, Leesburg, Virginia, 20177-7000 (attention: John Merrithew).

Please click on the links below to view the proposed boundary maps.

July 2016
The Loudoun County Department of Planning and Zoning held a meeting July 20, 2016, to present information on a Comprehensive Plan Amendment establishing Small Area Plans and associated actions initiated by the Board of Supervisors to implement Section 15.2-2303.4 of the Code of Virginia taking effect July 1, 2016. Related amendments to the Revised 1993 Zoning Ordinance also were discussed at the meeting. The staff presentation and the webcast of the meeting are online:

June 2016
At the June 23, 2016, Board of Supervisors Business Meeting, staff presented a Resolution to Administer New Proffer Legislation. This resolution was approved.  Please see the meeting item and copy teste below.  The meeting may also be viewed via the Loudoun webcast systemhere.

By Board direction, in areas that are subject to the new standards of Code of Virginia Section 15.2-2303.4, residential rezonings shall be subject to the provisions of State Code Section 15.2-2297, which among other provisions prohibits cash proffers and most off-site improvements.


The changes to the Code of Virginia Section 15.2-2303 alter the county’s ability to accept certain proffered conditions that mitigate the impact of new development associated with residential rezonings.  The legislation provides for areas encompassed by Small Area Plans meeting certain criteria to be exempted from the new legislation. Within these areas, the county would administer rezonings without these restrictions.  The Small Area Plans proposed by staff will encompass the two Loudoun Metro Stations and the Dulles Airport Metro Station, and generally coincide with the county’s Suburban Communities designated by the Revised General Plan.  Other changes to the Revised General Plan and the Countywide Transportation Plan will implement new proffer procedures for areas outside of the boundaries of Small Area Plans and make any other changes necessary to implement the new state law.  These Small Area Plans will also provide a means for the county to conduct community-based planning to implement the broader policies of the New Comprehensive Plan, which is currently being developed, and to address community and neighborhood issues. 

Information on proffers is online at www.loudoun.gov/proffers

Information on the Metrorail Service Districts is online at www.loudoun.gov/metrorailservicedistricts.

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