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Restricted Transient Occupancy Tax Fund Tourism Grant Program
photo of loudoun county About the Grant
Loudoun County’s FY 2018 budget includes funds that can be allocated to organizations for proposals that provide tourism services or activities consistent with the county’s Restricted Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) Funding Policy and the Code of Virginia. This program is designed to support local tourism initiatives and events that drive tourism to Loudoun County. 

All funding proposals should comply with eligibility requirements for Restricted TOT Funds outlined in Section 58.1-3819 of the Code of Virginia: “Transient occupancy tax… shall be designated and spent solely for tourism and travel, marketing of tourism or initiatives that… attract travelers to the locality, increase occupancy at lodging properties, and generate tourism revenues in the locality.”

Allocations are subject to annual review and may be subject to reduction or discontinuation by the Board of Supervisors. No requests for recurring funding commitments will be considered as part of this application process; funding in one year does not guarantee funding in future years.

It is the Board of Supervisors' policy that non-profit entities receiving public funds for a certain project through other means - such as Visit Loudoun Sports Grants, Community Development Block Grants, Loudoun County Regional Organization Funding or other such programs - will not be eligible for Restricted TOT grants.

Application and Award Process
Applications and all supporting materials should be submitted to the Department of Management and Budget online by no later than 5:00 p.m. on Friday, April 28, 2017.

Applications will be reviewed by county staff for completeness and eligibility under Section 58.1-3819 of the Code of Virginia and the Board of Supervisors' TOT Funding Policy upon receipt. Incomplete or ineligible applications will not be considered.

Complete and eligible applications will be reviewed by a panel consisting of Loudoun County staff and industry experts to develop funding recommendations for the Board of Supervisors’ consideration at a June 2017 business meeting. In addition to being consistent with the county’s Restricted TOT Funding Policy and applicable state code, proposals will be evaluated on the following criteria/priorities:

  • Funding opportunities for marketing agriculture-based businesses (e.g. craft beverages, agritourism, lodging, artisans, equestrian). 
  • Funding opportunities for the promotion of special events with significant draw from other jurisdictions/regions.
  • Funding opportunities for marketing cultural or outdoor recreational opportunities and assets to drive visitation.

Any application which, on its face, discriminates against any individual or group contrary to law or is otherwise found to violate applicable law will not be forwarded to the Board of Supervisors for consideration.

All organizations awarded funding are required to enter into a funding agreement with the county before funds are dispensed.

For more information, contact David L. Street, Loudoun County Department of Management and Budget, at 703-771-5947 or by email.

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